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What we do

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is potentially transforming and, at Innotech, we are at the front of applying and integrating Machine Learning based solutions against our clients problems. The growth in Machine Learning Cloud 'services' has made this accessible to a far broader community and we deliver insight by matching available solutions to our clients problems, and helping them identify solutions to their more bespoke problems.

Application & Solution Design

We can work across every stage of the delivery life-cycle, whether that be the integration of products to meet client needs or the bespoke build of unique solutions. We work to an ethos of 'see it, try it, design and build it'. The process we adopt is agile, practical, deploys experimentation to determine value and builds on the learning identified. We find this to be the best way to build a value-adding, sustainable, relationship.

We build applications across all platforms, mobile/desktop or both.

Technology Horizon Scanning & Monitoring

Much of the value we generate comes from this service that we provide to clients. We are not a research company and do not seek to focus on publication of our thinking... instead we are driven by the client context and need. We experiment and try things out relentlessly, an approach inspired by the MIT ethos of applied learning. One day we can be focused on Machine Learning, the next it could be Robotic Process Automation or we could be exploring the latest Mobile Device Management platforms at a clients request.

Most days, all of this is happening.

Information Management & Security

How organisations manage and protect their Information is integral to their survival. Security is at the heart of all the solutions we provide and we support our clients in reviewing their existing solutions and enhancing the measures they have in place.